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SMS, Voice, 2-way Messaging, SMS Marketing, USSD Setup & Integration, Shortcodes
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Connect with your audience across the world!
Delivery efficiency Enjoy delivery speed generally less than 5s. Machine learning services are implemented to study delivery patterns across numbers hence gradually reducing delay in delivery speed.
Excellent customer support We understand the significance of what you are entrusting us with. Therefore, upon Sign up, an agent will be assigned to you. Their role will be to listen to all your enquiries & help you get set up.
Realtime delivery report Monitor your transactions with realtime delivery reports readily available to you.
Plug & play TextngComms proivdes a robust & reliable API that allows you integrate all our services with your platforms. The only thing easier than integrating with our API is printing Hello world. We have provided examples in our documentation that will guide you through this process. However, if you still need some assistance we are more than happy to help.
Built for both business owners & developers
Textng API TextngComms provides fully robust and reliable APIs that help you easily integrate all our services with your platforms.
Web Platform TextngComms Provides a simple and interactive web interface that helps you handle your communications easily, monitor your transactions and helps you scale.
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Let's run through this quickly A sub account is a segregated account nested under a main textng account that operates just like a main account. Having sub-accounts allows you have separate textng accounts for your various businesses on one account i.e one Email, multiple accounts.

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