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What we're offering

Reliable SMS & OTP services.

Textng enables businesses alert and notify thier clients and customers easily. We give you 100% Delivery on every SMS you send. All our SMS gets delivered to all lines and numbers
We also allow you to classify your customer's contacts into categories that helps your business grow faster.

Push Notifications Integrations.

Textng helps integrates push notification services for platforms, business and application. Based on how it's needed. Our push service allows you to run your notifications by locations and time zones if you so desire.
Kindly Contact Us if you need us to help integrate Push Notifications for you.

SMS Marketing & Campaigns

Textng enables businesses to market their products and brand through text messages to millions of potential customers. We have a vast range of detailed Data which can be classified by states, local government areas, streets, geographical locations or geopolitical zones. We take your business directly to the phone numbers of your customers without interuption.
Kindly visit Textng For Business to advertise via sms with us

Bypass Codes / Virtual Numbers & 2-Way Messaging

We can take you a step further if you wish. How'd you like to get feedback from your customers via text message?
Textng can help you to setup a special channel to receive feedback from your customers & clients. This helps enhance your customer experience, scale up your business and for your internal analysis. This works fantastically well with the bypass codes.

USSD Setup & Integrations

Textng helps you setup and integrate both shared and dedicated USSD services for your platforms and businesses. We even go a step further to provide you with a portal to manage all your USSD transactions with ease.

Short Codes Setup & Integrations

Textng helps you setup and integrate both shared and dedicated short code services for your platforms and businesses. We'll even go a step further to provide you with a portal to manage all your short codes transactions with ease.

Carrier Billing & Airtime Vending

Textng helps you setup services that require you to bill customers via airtime and covert to cash. We have both APIs and web portal to support your platform / service / business.
We can also help setup the infrastructure to help airtime / data vendors to run their businesses successfully.

Voice OTP & Voice BroadCast Services

Textng helps you send OTPs, verification and authentication codes to your customers over a voice call on any network. We ensure that every customer gets an OTP with ease.

Restful APIs

Textng provides fully robust and reliable APIs that help you easily intergrate all our services with your platforms.

Connect with your customers accross the world!

Reach your all your customers anywhere in the world through our communication routes to more than 100 countries of the world.

We'll get your message delivered easily across continents.

2-Way Messaging & Bypass Codes

Receive feedback from your customers & clients and enhance your customer experience, initiate transactions easily and scale up your business.

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Customer Engagements and Provide an interactive eco-system for your business.

Carry out surveys and improve your strategy, Build a better relationship with your customers and make them trust your brand

Reach anyone, anywhere and on any network in Nigeria without any restrictions

Textng For Business

Over 120 Million Active Phone Numbers.
We can take your business / product directly to people's phones based on how you target it.
We allow you to target your campaigns based on


2.Geographical Location


4.Local Government Areas


6.Age Group

7.Economic Classifications

Simple Web Interface

Textng Provides a simple and interactive web interface that helps you handle your communications easily, monitor your transactions and helps you scale.

It's easy to use

It's simple & straight forward

Navigate to anywhere on the platform easily

Gives you a summarized report at one glance

Provides you with your transaction analysis

Reliable SMS & VOICE OTP Services

We provides a reliable system via our API to deliver OTPs and instant messages across all mobile networks in Nigeria.

It always delivers

It's 100% reliable

Delivery latency of 60 secs, excepts in rare cases

Machine Learning Services are implemented to study delivery patterns across numbers that re-route numbers that might likely delay

Powering Messaging for amazing businesses

Awesome businesses all over Nigeria, big and small trust TEXTNG to handle their communications as we guarantee a 100% delivery!

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